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Better Late Than Never: 2015

I cannot believe it is already February 1st and I have not done my 2015 end of the year post.   I was having one helluva time writing this post,  it just felt like there was no way for me to put into words how I felt about this year.

 2015 sure was something.  I was busy and tired for almost all of it.  When I started looking back though my images I didn’t remember how tired I was and was reminded of some really great things.  I remembered the warm fuzzy feelings I had after every first kiss, or the excitement I felt when a woman would let loose in a boudoir session.  I felt the inspiration I had when I looked through my fashion work and I had a small tug at my heart when I saw any photos of my dog.   2015 was full of love, coffee and progress.


California Engagement: Lea and Andrew

Just a quick blog post to start off this Friday.  These cuties are getting married in a little more then a month in California.  I love shooting in California, I cannot say this enough. I was lucky enough to go down to Ukiah in April for their engagement session.   The moment I saw that Lea got engaged I knew I wanted to shoot her wedding and when she messaged me for more information I was over the moon.


Boudoir: KLV

I am new to the boudoir world and I have wanted to dip my toes into this for a long time.  I feel that every woman’s body is a piece of art and often we are way to hard on ourselves, myself included.  I want to help all ladies know they are beautiful.  I am so excited to be living in a time were women are stepping up for themselves and fighting back against body shaming and supporting each other.  There is such a strong movement going on right now and I am just eager to be a part of it.

My long time friend Kimmie let me practice photographing her on my recent trip home.  I put on my favorite play list, Tayonce (Taylor Swift and Beyonce) and we got down to business.  Kimmie is an old soul with a big personality and an even bigger heart.  She is passionate, encouraging and kind. Collaborating with friends is such a blast for me.   It is a great way to share my work and life with them and give them a peak at what I do.


Katie Bobzien Friend and Graphic Designer

Katie is one of my good friends from college, she was a bridesmaid  and helped with my invitations and all things paper at my wedding. Having friends who support me and inspire me is a must. I love to bounce ideas off of Katie and collaborate on projects with her and watch our businesses grow. I am so excited to see where her designs  take her. She has opened up an Etsy store and you really should go and check it out, the link is on the bottom of the post.


Valentines Day

Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love pink,  chocolate, dressing up and of course love.   I know I should show  love to my husband and friends everyday, and I do try to, but it is really nice to have a day where its okay to be as cheesetastic as I want.  I really wanted to do a shoot for fun to celebrate the holiday and get into the spirit. So I got some of my lady friends together (and a little frenchie-stud named Hugo) and we played some Taylor Swift (because of course we did.)  We laughed a lot and talked about love and fashion and what inspired us . Katie made the great flags and prints,  some had our favorite song lyrics on them and Rose came armed with some of her date night attire, that ranges from adorable to down right sexy. I am pretty sure Hugo appreciated all of it.


Graphics by Katie

Model -Rose from the

Make-up by Makeup for Elegance

Special thanks to Sara and Hugo!

Sara - February 13, 2015 - 9:13 pm

Whoo-Hoo! SO FUN! Loving all of these. Hugo had a lovely time with his photoshoot… it won’t be his last, I’m sure.