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Better Late Than Never: 2015

I cannot believe it is already February 1st and I have not done my 2015 end of the year post.   I was having one helluva time writing this post,  it just felt like there was no way for me to put into words how I felt about this year.

 2015 sure was something.  I was busy and tired for almost all of it.  When I started looking back though my images I didn’t remember how tired I was and was reminded of some really great things.  I remembered the warm fuzzy feelings I had after every first kiss, or the excitement I felt when a woman would let loose in a boudoir session.  I felt the inspiration I had when I looked through my fashion work and I had a small tug at my heart when I saw any photos of my dog.   2015 was full of love, coffee and progress.


California Engagement: Lea and Andrew

Just a quick blog post to start off this Friday.  These cuties are getting married in a little more then a month in California.  I love shooting in California, I cannot say this enough. I was lucky enough to go down to Ukiah in April for their engagement session.   The moment I saw that Lea got engaged I knew I wanted to shoot her wedding and when she messaged me for more information I was over the moon.